Sono Studio is the project of artist, Abbey Mehrten. Abbey creates from her studio in Fitzroy North making functional ceramics inspired by her love of sharing food, bringing comfort to the home and having a little bit of fun! 

Abbey started pottery classes in 2019 and was immediately hooked. Pottery quickly became a meditative escape from her work and life stress, and it wasn’t long before she set up a studio at home and started creating part-time. Her process revolves around unstructured experimentation, decoration and play, balanced with a focus on form to ensure high functionality and uniformity. 

The word “sono” is derived from the Italian verb “to be”, which perfectly captures how Sono Studio views creating. A moment where time slows, issues fade, and we are granted a moment of pause to simply be.

Sono Studio’s hope is that you are able to take moment for yourself, with us xoxo