Firing Service

Whole Kiln Hire

Our Tetlow K10 is now available for private kiln hire. This is our preferred firing service method. Bookings will be subject to availability so please keep this in mind, especially around the holiday season. 

  • Internal dimensions: 610x610x610mm. 
  • Bisque, Midfire & Stoneware firings available. 
  • Max firing temp: 1280°C
  • Cost: $180 per firing
  • Pre-payment required.
  • Kiln to be loaded by Sono Studio. 

Don't want to hire out the entire kiln? 

Depending on our firing schedule, we can occasionally accomodate a general firing service for smaller quantities of work. There may be a wait time for this service, as we will only run the kiln when it is completely full. 

  • Bisque (1000°C) & Stoneware (1280°C) firings only.
  • Cost: $10 per kilogram
  • Work will be weighed upon drop-off and must be pre-paid before firing

To enquire about our next available firing and book in your drop-off time, please get in touch with us:

dm on insta: @sono_studio


Terms & Conditions: 

  • All pieces must be 100% bone dry before bisque firing. We will not fire any work that is slightly damp. 
  • The base of your piece must be completely glaze free.  Any part that touches the kiln shelf MUST be clean to ensure it does not stick to the kiln shelf during firing. Underglaze is ok. 
  • All pieces must be clearly labelled with a makers mark.
  • Feeney’s BRT will not be fired unless accompanied by a clay setter/cookie.
  • All clays being fired must be commercially manufactured.
  • Please bring your own box and packing materials when picking up. 
  • If kiln shelves are damaged, a cleaning fee of $20 will apply. If it is damaged beyond simple repair, then you will be required to pay the cost to replace the shelf. If you work damages the inside of the kiln (e.g. due to an exploding piece), you may be required to pay a portion of the repairs. 
  • Please note - we will put all our care into ensuring your pots are fired safely, however firings can be unpredictable and we cannot make any guarantees of final results. We recommended that you do plenty of testing on your pieces and leave plenty of time for your projects.